Thomas Guitars is a small Workshop located in Bolzano, Italy
dedicated to the art of handmade guitars.

That offers not only great custom options, but guarantees the highest tonal quality as we select each neck, soundboard and back by weight and tone to ensure the components work harmoniously with one another.

We only use the best quality tone-woods as we cut spruce in in the Latemar forest, 1500m a.s.l. in a three day window in the winter.

All our Guitars are handmade one at a time.

We place great attention to the phase of the moon, letting our woods naturally dry and season for years to guarantee the best tonal characteristics for each Instrument. All our Instruments are completely Handcrafted

employing the "Spanish" construction method. Which basically means that neck and box are not made separately, the neck is glued to the top and the sound box is assembled around it. This method has some great advantages like perfect control of bridge height, a positive neck angle with string tension pulling out of the top, resulting in less deformation of the soundboard, and a very light and stable neck.
Come into our workshop, play a guitar and discover the superior sound of our Instruments.

Try our guitars

You are invited to try, hear and feel our instruments to convince yourself of the beautiful sound you can get out of a Thomas Guitar. Enjoy!


Choose between classical,
flamenco or contra octave



Choose between classic steel,
dreadnought or small jumbo